Michael A. Bogdan, MD, FACS
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Dr. Bogdan performed a lower blepharoplasty (remove bags under eyes) for me in 2015. I was nervous about having this done since there are potential problems with this type of surgery if the surgeon is not extremely skilled. I was incredibly impressed with the results from this surgery that Dr. Bogdan performed. It came out perfect. The whole experience with Dr. Bogdan and his staff was exceptional. Dr. Bogdan called me the night before the surgery and after the surgery. He and his staff provided 5 star care throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend Dr. Bogdan.

– Lower Blepharoplasty Patient

You gave me exactly what I wanted. Thank you for being so exceptional!

– Facelift & Perioral Resurfacing Patient

After consulting with several high profile cosmetic surgeons, I selected Dr. Bogdan to perform a neck lift and lower eyelid surgery because of his skill, conservative approach and meticulous attention to patient safety. I'm a 63 year old and wanted to appear refreshed rather than obviously surgically altered. He only recommends procedures he feels will benefit the patient without exposing them to unnecessary risk. His wife is a top notch anesthesiologist who is equally impressive. I heartily recommend this ethical, talented duo!

– Neck Lift & Lower Blepharoplasty Patient

I'm happy to report that I am doing very well, and have been remiss in expressing my good fortune and gratitude at having selected Dr. Bogdan as my surgeon.

From the beginning, Dr. Bogdan took time to explore my goals, and carefully assess my health and history. He explained the importance and relevance of obtaining certain information, and communicated likely outcomes, both positive and negative, to establish realistic expectations. He walked me through the process of pre-surgery prep, the surgery itself, and post-op recovery step-by-step, which helped lower stress and anxiety.

I am very pleased with the result – an improved yet natural appearance. Anyone considering a cosmetic procedure need look no further: Dr. Bogdan is a talented surgeon and a consummate professional – top notch in every respect.

– Facelift & Eyelid Surgery Patient

I make no apologies for being flawless. I must, however, give all the credit to Dr. Bogdan.

– JS, Face & Neck Lift patient

Thank you for giving me back my self esteem.

– SR, Rhinoplasty Patient

I feel like I didn't thank Dr. Bogdan enough during my last appointment and I wanted him to know how thrilled I truly am with the results of both of the procedures I had. I love the new me! My eyes continued to improve weeks after my last appointment and I could not believe the difference in my before and after photos!! The whole experience was life changing for me and I'm very grateful. He's an exceptional surgeon!! Anyway, I just wanted to express the proper appreciation and respect to a brilliant Doctor. Tell him thank you so so so much!!!

– KB, Eyelid & Revisional Breast Surgery Patient

After visiting several surgeons about my son's prominent ears, we decided unanimously to choose Dr. Bogdan, and we are extremely happy with our decision. My son is absolutely thrilled and his confidence level is already much better than it was. From start to finish, Dr. Bogdan is just a class act and a highly skilled surgeon. I highly recommend!

– Mother of Ear Surgery Patient

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