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Ear Surgery

Many plastic surgery procedures appeal to adults in their 30s to 50s who want to rejuvenate their appearance. In contrast, ear surgery (otoplasty) from Dallas board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Bogdan can transform the appearance and self-confidence of children as young as 7 — or seniors in their 70s.

Dr. Bogdan will reassure you with his warmth and his dedication to the highest quality care throughout your Dallas ear surgery consultation, procedure and recovery. If your ears — or your child's ears —are oversized, misshapen or protruding, Dr. Bogdan can create proportionately sized and beautifully shaped ears.

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After visiting several surgeons about my son's prominent ears, we decided unanimously to choose Dr. Bogdan, and we are extremely happy with our decision. My son is absolutely thrilled and his confidence level is already much better than it was. From start to finish, Dr. Bogdan is just a class act and a highly skilled surgeon. I highly recommend!

– S.R., Mother of AB

Meet Dr. Bogdan

Who Is a Good Candidate for Ear Surgery?

At Dr. Bogdan's practice in Dallas, otoplasty can correct:

  • Oversized or misshapen ears
  • Protruding ears
  • Unattractive ear lobes

To view the beautiful results that Dr. Bogdan has achieved for other ear surgery patients, visit our photo gallery.

How Old Should Your Child Be?

When a child looks "different," whether it's because of overly large ears or misshapen ears, the teasing that often results can damage his or her self-confidence. With children of his own, Dr. Bogdan has the compassion that you want to guide you and your child through the decision-making process and the surgery involved in otoplasty. If you are considering surgery, he recommends that you wait until your child's ears have reached approximately 80 percent of their adult size, which typically occurs around age 7.

Because children often start being ridiculed at that age with taunts such as "Dumbo ears," Dr. Bogdan feels that they are more eager to have the surgery and obey the restrictions required during the recovery process. By that age, children also have the maturity to understand what is involved and look forward to the positive outcome.

Meet Dr. Michael Bogdan

Outstanding credentials are just the beginning. Learn what truly makes Dr. Bogdan stand out.

Meet Dr. Bogdan

Your Ear Surgery Procedure Options

During your consultation, Dr. Bogdan will examine your ears and facial anatomy closely to determine the best approach. The most common type of otoplasty that he performs is known as a "set-back." This procedure is used to correct overly prominent ears, a condition that often occurs when the ear cartilage lacks the folds that normally bend back the ears.

Overly prominent ears also can occur when too much cartilage has developed. In such situations, Dr. Bogdan can remove the excess cartilage and reshape the ears.

If you have both factors, Dr. Bogdan designs your surgery to provide the missing folds while reducing the amount of cartilage. To minimize visible scarring, Dr. Bogdan places the incisions in the creases of your ears and uses fine stitches. The procedure typically takes 2 hours or less.

Recovery and Results

For the first 3 weeks of recovery, you will need to protect your ears by wearing a soft athletic headband. In addition, you should avoid vigorous activities such as jogging or swimming for about 1 month. If you will be participating in contact sports, Dr. Bogdan recommends that you wear protective headgear or earmuffs for 6 weeks after your procedure.

Children, teens, adults and seniors all share the same reaction to their appearance after ear surgery: Their self-confidence and self-image soar. And for many of them, there's just one question: Why did I wait so long?

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