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What do you notice first when you look in the mirror?

If you focus on your dissatisfaction with your nose, you may be considering plastic surgery. But will a nose job enhance your appearance? The answer is "Yes" when you choose Dallas rhinoplasty specialist Dr. Michael Bogdan.

Whether you're concerned with an overly large nose, a crooked nose or a drooping tip, Dr. Bogdan will design your rhinoplasty in Dallas to create a beautifully shaped and well-proportioned nose. One size does not fit all — and Dr. Bogdan possesses the years of experience, the outstanding education and the exceptional artistic skill needed to attain results that are right for you.

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Thank you for giving me back
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– S.R., Rhinoplasty Patient

Meet Dr. Bogdan

Are You a Good Candidate for Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Bogdan can customize your nose job in Dallas to address a:

  • Crooked nose
  • Overly large nose
  • Hump in nasal bridge
  • Drooping nasal tip

To view the beautiful results that Dr. Bogdan has achieved for other nose surgery patients, visit our photo gallery.

Meet Dr. Michael Bogdan

Outstanding credentials are just the beginning. Learn what truly makes Dr. Bogdan stand out.

Meet Dr. Bogdan

Your Nose Surgery Options

Although there are many procedural variations, Dr. Bogdan designs each Dallas nose surgery with one goal in mind: to reshape your nose so that it looks beautiful and balances your facial features perfectly. If you have functional concerns, such as breathing difficulties caused by a septal deviation, Dr. Bogdan will tailor your procedure to improve your breathing as well as your nose shape.

Dr. Bogdan uses either the closed rhinoplasty technique or the open technique, depending on your particular needs. The method that is used depends on the extent to which the underlying bones and cartilage of your nose need to be restructured. Dr. Bogdan uses the closed technique for simple to moderately complex changes. The advantage of this method is that no scars are visible externally.

For significant restructuring, Dr. Bogdan uses the open technique so he can fully view all components of the nasal structure. The open technique requires an incision on the bottom of the nose between the nostrils, but because of Dr. Bogdan's in-depth knowledge and skill performing rhinoplasty, the tiny scar will be almost invisible after healing.

In some cases, to achieve a more harmonious appearance, Dr. Bogdan will complement nose surgery with facial implants to enhance a weak chin or flat cheekbones.

Facial Implants

Do you have an overly strong nose and a weak or receding chin? In such cases, Dr. Bogdan sometimes recommends a chin implant. By combining reduction rhinoplasty with a chin implant, Dr. Bogdan can balance your facial features for a more comprehensive enhancement. This option can minimize the extent of your rhinoplasty while making your nose look smaller because of your improved chin contour. Dr. Bogdan typically uses solid silicone implants for chin augmentation. Although solid enough to look and feel like facial bones, the implants are flexible enough to allow him to make smaller incisions for placement. Dr. Bogdan hides the incision under your chin.

If you have a prominent nose and flat cheek bones, Dr. Bogdan may suggest a cheek implant. This option achieves harmoniously balanced features with elegantly sculpted cheekbones. To hide the incisions, Dr. Bogdan places them inside your mouth.

Secondary or Revision Rhinoplasty

For patients who need or desire changes following previous nose surgery, Dr. Bogdan performs secondary or revision rhinoplasty. The need for this procedure may arise for a wide range of reasons, from playing contact sports too soon after the initial surgery to internal scarring.

In such cases, Dr. Bogdan performs an in-depth analysis of the nasal structure and cartilage. If the structural elements are not adequate, he may use cartilage from another part of the body, such as an ear or the ribcage.

Recovery and Results

You play an important role in your rhinoplasty recovery. For the first 5 to 7 days after your surgery, you will wear a nose splint. This device maintains the shape of your healing nose. You may experience mild swelling and bruising around your cheeks and eyes, which can be relieved with cold compresses. The swelling usually subsides during the following 2 weeks.

After you have healed, you'll feel very differently about your appearance when you look in the mirror. Be prepared to lose the dissatisfaction — and love your new nose!

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